General Render Tips

  • Disable sunlight when rendering underground scenes or indoor scenes where there is no visible natural light. This will increase the average number of Samples Per Second (SPS) rendered.
  • Disable emitters to greatly decrease the required render time. This however disables all light emitting blocks such as torches, lava etc.
  • Disable gamma correction during long renders to speed up the rendering process. When the image starts to get finished gamma correction can be re-enabled again without losing progress. Also, hide the Render Preview Window during renders to speed up overall render time. This issue is mostly fixed as of Chunky 2.3.0.
  • Increase the Ray Depth if you have a scene with many transparent or shiny blocks.
  • The rendering technique used in Chunky (Path Tracing) is very CPU intensive. Therefore, to maximize the speed and efficiency of a render, all CPU threads should be utilized at 100%. If you would like to run Chunky in the background, you can adjust how much CPU is allocated to Chunky. Visit the Advanced Render Controls page for more information on how to do this.