Chunky Credits

Most of the code in Chunky was written by Jesper "llbit" Öqvist. This page lists additional people who have contributed code to Chunky.

People who have contributed code, ordered in chronological order based on respective earliest contribution:

  • Ben Phelps
  • TOGoS
  • twirrim
  • AEnterprise
  • Austin Bonander

For a full list of code contributions please visit the Contributors Insight page on GitHub.

Wiki Editors

  • Hespook
  • TheRenderJunkie
  • Theudas
  • DaedalusYoung
  • EmeraldSnorlax

For a full list of contributors to the wiki, chunky-docs, please visit the Contribtuors Insight page on GitHub.

Special Thanks

Jesper Öqvist wishes to thank the following people and communities for various contributions to the development of Chunky:

  • oldshoes
  • SmilyOrg
  • the reddit Minecraft community

Libraries Used

Chunky uses the following libraries:

  • Apache Commons Math
  • Markdown
  • fastutil

These libraries are also listed with copyright notices in the legal part of the README file that ships with Chunky.