Chunky 2

Chunky 2 is being developed to support Minecraft 1.13 and beyond. With Chunky 2, the whole block handling system is redesigned to handle the new world format used by Minecraft 1.13+. Chunky 2 does not load pre-1.13 worlds or scenes created with Chunky 1.4.X.

To get the latest release please follow the button/link below.

Chunky 2.3.0
Minecraft 1.13 or newer
Chunky 2 preview


  • New single-window interface using a new dark theme.
  • Custom themes can be added by adding a stylesheet in the settings directory.
  • Support for Minecraft 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16 (see a list of supported blocks here).
  • A large part of Chunky internals were redesigned (including plugin API).
  • Numerous other improvements

Known Bugs

  • Rendering speed is lower overall and in particular with water.
  • Pre-1.13 chunks are not loaded (shown with an error icon in the 2D map).
  • Minecraft 1.13 worlds can contain pre-1.13 chunks and need to be converted for Chunky 2 to load them. NOTE - Worlds made with Spigot, or similar, may not convert automatically and would require manual exploration to function correctly.