Chunky 1.4.2


Release Notes

This release adds Minecraft 1.11 support, quality of life improvements, and bugfixes.

Quality of life improvements:

  • Added a scene settings import/export system.
  • Added multiple resource pack support.
  • Small improvements in the command-line interface.


  • Added support for multiple resource packs. The resource pack load order can be changed via Options->Edit resource packs.
  • Added rendering for Minecraft 1.11 blocks:
    • Observer Block
    • Shulker Box
  • Added scene settings export/import system.
  • It is now possible to temporarily change the view target via the render preview context menu. This is useful for autofocus and moving entities.
  • Updated command block rendering to be compatible with Minecraft 1.9+.
  • Added scale setting for player entities.
  • Improved error checking for resource packs.
  • Fixed rendering errors for trapdoors, redstone dust, and comparator blocks.
  • The --update command now creates a settings directory if needed.
  • Default settings should be generated when running headless commands for the first time.