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Latest version is 1.2.2
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Chunky is a Minecraft mapping and rendering tool created by Jesper Öqvist. Chunky is absolutely free and open source. Anyone can contribute!

Chunky supports Minecraft worlds saved with Minecraft 1.7.4, using the "Anvil" file format. Chunky can not load worlds saved using an older world format (Minecraft 1.2 and previous versions).

Chunky requires Java SE 6 or later installed, and works on most Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms where Java SE 6 can be installed.

The renderer in Chunky uses Path Tracing to create photo realistic images. It currently runs entirely on CPU and thus you need a powerful processor to get acceptable rendering speeds (although "acceptable" in this case is still not anywhere near real-time).


Getting Started

Please read the following pages after downloading Chunky:

  1. The Getting Started Guide
  2. Rendering Tips
  3. Render Controls Guide
  4. Troubleshooting

User Interface Overview

The following articles document the user interface:

  1. Render Controls
  2. Render Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I get random dots in the render?

A: Torches and other small light sources cause a very random illumination and it takes many samples per pixel to render such light smoothly. For more information see Path Tracing. One workaround to this problem is just to disable "emitters" in the Lighting tab in the Render Controls dialog.

Q: How long does it take to render an image?

A: There is no exact answer to this. The main things that affect render time are your CPU, your RAM, the size of the image, and the lighting in the scene you are rendering. It can take anywhere from an hour to a couple days to render a nice image. If you don't want to wait, you can try reducing the size of the image or turning emitters off. See Path Tracing for more details.

Q: Is GPU rendering supported?

A: Not currently, but in the distant future Chunky may be able to render using the GPU.

Q: Why are mobs and paintings not rendered?

A: Chunky cannot currently render entities. These are objects that are separate from the blocks that make up the Minecraft worlds, such as players, mobs, minecarts, projectiles, etc. Future support for rendering entities is planned, but there is no deadline for this feature yet, so stay tuned!

Q: Why can't I see anything in the map view when I load my world in Chunky?

A: You are probably trying to open a world that was saved in an older version of Minecraft. Chunky only supports worlds saved in the Anvil format, which was introduced in version 1.2. If you load the world in Minecraft – version 1.2 or above – it will automatically be converted to the appropriate format.

Q: Can Chunky render mod blocks?

A: No, only Vanilla blocks. It is not likely that any mod blocks will be supported as there are far too many for it to be feasible.

Q: Why does the sky look so bad?

A: You might have a low resolution skymap, or it may be the wrong format.

Q: Where can I find Skymaps?

A: The Skymap page has some useful links for obtaining high quality skymaps.

Sample Renders

Some examples of Chunky renders are at the Sample Renders page. Additionally, you can visit the subreddit for many, many more examples from Chunky users.

Bugs Reports and Feature Requests


Check out these pages for more information:

Development Blog

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