Chunky 2.0

Chunky 2.0 is being developed to support Minecraft 1.13 and beyond. With Chunky 2.0, the whole block handling system is redesigned to handle the new world format used by Minecraft 1.13+. Chunky 2.0 does not load pre-1.13 worlds or scenes created with Chunky 1.4.X.

Chunky 2.0 is still being tested and improved and each beta update may break existing functionality.

To get the latest beta release of Chunky 2.0, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Chunky Launcher (v1.11.1 or later).
  2. Open the launcher (requires Java 8 installed, does not work with Java 9+).
  3. In the launcher, under "Advanced", set the "Update Site" option to:
  4. Click "Check for update" and download the latest Chunky 2.0 release.

Chunky 2.0 preview

Change Log

  • New single-window interface using a new dark theme.
  • Custom themes can be added by adding a stylesheet in the settings directory.
  • Added support for block palettes in Minecraft 1.13.
  • A large part of Chunky internals were redesigned (including plugin API).

Known Bugs

  • Rendering speed is lower overall and in particular with water.
  • Pre-1.13 chunks are not loaded (shown with an error icon in the 2D map).
  • Minecraft 1.13 worlds can contain pre-1.13 chunks and need to be converted for Chunky 2.0 to load them.
  • Biome colors do not affect water color in Chunky. Set a custom water color under the Water settings tab.
  • Material properties do not work right now.