2D Map — Map View Tab

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(win) 2d map view panel

Map View
Toggles different view modes to aid in picking a certain area.
  • Layer - This defaults to the players y position. Use the layer slider toward the bottom to change the layer.
  • Surface - Default view mode of Chunky. Shows a 2d overviewer of the world.
  • Caves - Displays all caves.
  • Biomes - Similar to the Surface view mode. Displays map in biome colors.
Displays the different dimensions of Minecraft if available.

Adjusts the current area of view of the 2D Map.
Only effects the Layer Map View Mode. Defaults to your players current position on the map.
The X and Z position of the camera. These corrdiantes are the same as in Minecraft.
Follow Player
If the current world is open in Minecraft, the 2D map viewer will follow your player as you find a perfect place to create a render.